Armor of the Witch

This night I gird myself with the Triple Powers,
Invocation of Deities, Attunement with the Spirits,
And Reverence to my Ancestors of Blood, Spirit and the Ways.

This night I gird myself with the Power of the Cauldron,
The Strength of my Hearth Stone,
And the whole company of my Lady's Kin.

This night I gird myself with the Powers of the Old Ones,
The Old Ways and the Mysteries.

This night I gird myself
With the loving blessings of my Ancestors, the Wisdom of the Wise,
Courage of the Strong, Innocence of the Young,
Deeds of the Heroines and the Powers of the Noble Ones.

This night I gird myself with the Power of the Heavens,
Light of Sun, Brilliance of Moon, Splendor of Fire,
Speed of Lightening, Swiftness of Wind, Depths of Sea,
Firmness of Earth and the Serpent Power below the Earth.

This night I gird myself with My Lady's Power to direct me,
Her eyes to look after me, Her ears to hear for me,
Her voice to clarify for me, Her Protection To guard me,
Her hand to guide me, Her shield to ward me,
Her Path open before me and Her blessings to keep me.

I summon these Powers to be in and upon me,
To make me equal to any challenge that presents.
I summon Her Magick within me,
Magick on my right hand,  Magick behind me,
Magick on my left hand,  Magick before me,
Magick above me,  Magick beneath me.

It shall be so that I always have the Wisdom of the Wise,
The Love of the Loving and Power of the Powerful.
And it shall be so that I am known in all the Realms
And acknowledged with Honor,
For I am one of Her especial breed,
Pythia Hecateira, Priestess of Hekate,
Guardian of the Cauldron, Keeper of Stones,
Weaver of Threads, Caster of Spells.**
Know me as Witch and Priestess.
In the Eyes of all Beholders, In the Ears of all who Hear,
In the Mouth of every Speaker, In the Heart of all Beings,
My Magick and My Path are established!

Author unknown, adaptation by E A Kaufman

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