Photo: Jerry Richart - photo taken 2009 during "Mother's Hymns" performance

Once I had a dream
traveling in a world I haven't seen
walking in the dessert with miles
and in the middle
A house stood indeed
In the mountains of Ida

A woman was sitting
At the porch
holding a lantern
I asked
"Where is Maeonia?"
She said
"Pass the desert,
swim the seas
Behind all these bushes
There She is."
I asked
"But, good mother,
I see no sea
no lakes
no grounds and lands
no people
and is all dark ...
... can I please nap here?"
She said
"Yes, child, yes
On this Phrygian soil
It is mine
Just as much as it is yours
Come here,
I have a bed for you to sleep on."

And I entered her house ...
... she was alone,
in her Phrygian gown
and her place was covered
With beautiful hand-made rags
And her kitchen ware
made of wood and bronze.
She gave me a warm bed
and she asked
"Would you like to eat?
I have some corn soup."
And I ate corn soup.
She asked
"What brought you here, child?"
I said
" I need to get to Maeonia,
I have an important mission.
Many people have forgotten
the power of our Goddess."
She said
"Oh, child, I'm grateful that you do that.
Have some more soup, and a good night’s sleep."
She flashed her eyes in the darkness
As the Goddess would do
And I knew it
I always wanted to speak to her
With my soul.