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Alone on the Earth at Hawkscry, all quiet,
a fullness of beauty, of light.
In sun and shadow on the mountain peaks,
a circle of love.
Lying here long upon our Mother’s warm skin,
one feels a sound deeper than any sound,
energy reverberating from within Her Heart.
It is late summer,
when the Earth speaks through singing.
Do you hear Her song?
A soft warm cradle of Her singing,
this hum of the Great Mother
we can only feel.
In Her soft warm cradle, in the circle of Her arms,
She sings for all of us,
the finned, the furry, the feathered.
She sings, too, for the Stone People, Her most ancient ones,
the peaks and valleys and rivers where Her waters run,
Her oceans and Her air.
Can you hear Her song, so huge, so wild,
so deep within, yet immanent in all things?
That song is for us, for you and me,
here where we lay close to Her on the Earth,
and where e’er we walk,
each step springing from Her deepest heart.


Hawkscry, August 25, 2012