We welcome advertising for suitable products.


Banner space is available on most pages of the website – banners rotate so that a different one is seen every 30 seconds or so. A maximum of three banners will be accepted, to give each one a fair chance of being seen! Banners are online adverts that are “clickable” to take the reader to the advertiser’s website. Only goddess-related products, please.

Banners, per quarter: £35 – discounts for multiple issues.

Small Ads

On the left-hand side of the page you should see a number of small ads - these are approximately 5.6 x 6cm, or 200 x 250 pixels and cost £12.00  per quarter, with a discount for multiple issues.  We reserve the right to show small ads on a limited number of pages, but they will always appear on the front page.

At the editor's discretion, some ads - for groups, or free events - will be free of charge.  Please contact us to discuss.